[Snort-users] Logging of TCP and UDP packets?

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Sun Dec 14 23:58:01 EST 2003

Hi there,
I'm running SNORT 2.0.0 in my small LAN. The idea is to experiment this then
see whether we can take it into the main LAN. Initially everything worked
fine, but after updating the rules and got a problem. The problem is: I can
only log the ICMP packets (both to the db(mysql) and syslog). I went back to
the original rules, but still the same problem. Why can't I log the TCP and
UDP packets?
here is my usage:
snort -dev -l /var/log/snort -h Net_IP/16 -c /etc/snort/snort.conf -i eth0
Note that I'm running eth0 in promisuous mode (no IP just sniffs).
thanks in advance    

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