[Snort-users] FW: Snortsnarf: First_Last undefined

David Newsom webmaster at ...10745...
Thu Dec 11 17:49:02 EST 2003

Using a Windows 2000 Server Box with snort running, seems to be fine, except
I can't get snortsnarf to complete and the html pages don't seem to show
where I specified, only the 'sdlogo' pic. shows up.  Here is my console
error I am getting in return.

>"Can't call method first_last on an undefined value at
c:\perl\lib\htmlMemstorage.pm line 220"

the command I am calling is:
>c:\snort\log\include>perl snortsnarf -d ../ -win -homenet -hiprioisworse -ldir /logs -rulesfile ../../etc/snortsnarf.conf

Yes, I have the conf file name snortsnarf.conf instead of snort.conf
for testing right now, so snort can still use the other conf with snort to
generate logs.

Other Directories include:
C:\perl\lib\            (all Include files and snortsnarf files are located
C:\snort\               (this has the snort prog in 'etc' folder and all
other snort
program files.)
C:\snort\log            (location of alert.ids file and logs, including
picture, but index files are not being created.)
C:\snort\log\include\   (location of all files from snortsnarf ie.
Snortsnarf.pl, snortsnarf directory

If anyone can assist me, that would be great.  I don't know much about
snort, but I have gotten this far
from just reading everyone elses posting, which have been great help.

Tampa, Florida.

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