[Snort-users] Database output

Erwin Van de Velde erwin.vandevelde at ...10361...
Thu Dec 11 09:30:02 EST 2003


> Erwin mentions in an earlier message that he is using Postgresql.
> Postgresql can be compiled to use ssl w/o using stunnel.  You just
> simply install OpenSSL before installing Postgresql, and then configure
> Postgresql using the " --with-openssl[=DIR]" directive.  You then create
> a certificate (look here:
> http://www.postgresql.com/docs/7.3/static/ssl-tcp.html for
> instructions), and add the "ssl=true" directive in your postgresql.conf
> file.

Yes, I know, but doing it that way, the client does not get authenticated. I 
also need to be sure that it is really the client and not the attacker who 
took my client down for example.


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