[Snort-users] Rule causes a Segmentation Fault

SN ORT snort_on_acid at ...131...
Thu Dec 11 05:58:06 EST 2003

This rule causes a segmentation fault on one of my
sensors. The other sensor is not affected. Both are
the same version (2.0.4). 
alert tcp any any -> any 80 (uricontent:"%01@";
msg:"IE Web Redirect Vulnerability"; nocase;)
It likes this one however:

alert tcp any 80 -> any any (uricontent:"%01@";
msg:"IE Web Redirect Vulnerability"; nocase;)

Not that I would use the one above. I'm only concerned
with the first rule.
Why is it failing? Maybe it can't handle the load at
looking at every incoming HTTP packet? TIA!


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