[Snort-users] Snort Sensor Hardware

Jason snort-users at ...2977...
Thu Dec 11 04:52:01 EST 2003

Depending on your budget, I would recommend the compact DL series, a DL320
or 360 are ideal for sensors, excelent hardware, that actually comes with
linux kernel drivers for all of their hardware (on a smartstart CD). 
Although I would recomend a BSD variant, which appears to support all
compaq DL hardware.  I have 3 DL (1 DL360 and 2 DL320's) running as
sensors (slowly replacing the old P2 450's we had in place prior.  They do
make excellent sensors, however they can cost a small fortune.. I believe
the DL360 cost around $6k
They come stock with dual broadcom 1000/100/10 interfaces
Also the compaq Insight and ILO stuff makes managing the remote sensor a
breeze should you lose network connectivity, but I believe dell has
something similair.

> Hello all,
> I was looking for some recomendation for hard to put snort sensors.
> Were looking for something in a 1 or 2U form factor to put in our
> core network rooms.  The interface will be Gig fiber but most of the
> links don't do more then about 30-40 Mbit/second.
> In googling I did find this vendor selling a Snort machine
> but it doesn't look like anything special.  Just a dual processor with
> a lot of snort software installed on it.
> http://eracks.com/products/Network%20Servers/config?sku=SNORT&session=34407095248877224
> Anyone have any recomendation on hardware.
> Thanks
> Jason
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