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Dirk Geschke Dirk_Geschke at ...1344...
Thu Dec 11 01:41:01 EST 2003

Hi Erwin,

> I'm using a postgresql database to store the output of my snort sensors, but 
> what happens if the database is temporarily unavailable (for instance, 
> connecting fails due to a heavy load on network / database)? Does snort keep 
> the queries for sending when database connectivity is restored? Or are these 
> queries dropped? 
> In my opinion, storing these queries temporarily is the safest solution, as we 
> must certainly log data when a severe attack on our network takes place... 
> And then chances are bigger that we can't connect to the database 
> immediately.
> And does snort open a database connection for every query it sends? Or is 
> there some sort of persistent connection (for example one that times out 
> after 1 minute of inactivity, closing the connection then)...
> I'd like to use SSL connections to the database, using stunnel, but opening a 
> connection for every query would have severe consequences for network and 
> server.

this are a lot of questions...

First: The database output plugin has a major problem if the database
dies. Actually the Insert() will fail and there is no mechanism built
in to react on this problem. 

The alerts are not stored temporarily, they were silently dropped by
the database output plugin (maybe another plugin stores them but that
is another story).

If the database is available again, you have to reconnect. But since
the ouput plugin ignores the error messages you can't try a reconnect.
(This is only done on startup of snort).

Finally: The database connection is opened once (on startup of snort
or on a reconfigure, which is at least restarts snort). After this
the connection is persistant as long as the database is available.

Therefore it should be possible to connect via a stunnel or a
ssh tunnel.

But I strongly recommend to use a different network for reporting
alerts to a central database server. Don't use the "official" lines
you are sniffing. And with a seperate network encryption should not
be necessary. (BTW: What are you concerned of? All data could be
sniffed? But this is what snort already does, so if someone can
sniff your line he will already see the same as snort... It would
make sense if the sensors are connect via WAN to the central database
but then I would suggest to use a local database and access them via
ssh/ssl to check the content. This should be much less traffic and less
dangerous if there is a problem with the network.)

Best regards

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