[Snort-users] Looking for recommendations for distributed Snort GiGE Sensors (network architecture described in message)

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Wed Dec 10 22:43:03 EST 2003


Was there a question here or was this just informational?

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> Snort GiGE Sensors (network architecture described in message)
> We are monitoring a gigabit line using a Proliant DL-380G2 server (1.4 GHz
> processor and E1000 SX-fiber NICs (forget which model, but Intel branded))
> Have not seen any dropped packets even during peak times (which admitedly,
> do not max out our gigabit line, they may spike to 30%-40% on rare
> occasions, but is usually around 10%). The server has 1GB of ram, and is
> logging to a SQL Server 2000. Running on FreeBSD 4.8. The average load
> (not
> during peak times) is about 0.75 - 1.25. Single processor configuration.
> We have trimmed out some of the rules. For example, since the network we
> are
> protecting is a Windows network, we have removed anything that may not
> apply
> to windows... We don't monitor for porn, etc. we are more interested in
> virus outbreaks. Also not particularly interested in portscans, so we have
> removed that detection as well.
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