[Snort-users] Snort, Mysql purging

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Wed Dec 10 15:15:03 EST 2003

New user....


I have installed snort, mysql and acid per the published instructions.
Works great.

I am by no means an expert at any of these though.

What I have not found is a method to purge the database on a regular

I had a minor welchia virus this week that drove the database size way up.

 acid is taking mins. to build pages.  Can someone point me in the right


Jack Snedecor


VP, Network Operations Group

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At your snort.conf, in all sensors use:


output database: log, mysql, user=user_snort password=pass_snort
dbname=db_snort host=ip_server_mysql_acid


You can create the snort database with create_mysql at contrib/ directory .

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I am looking for a method to have remote NIDS log alerts to a central
SNORT/Acid box running MySQL and Redhat 9.0.

Anyone have a link for docs on this or recommendations?



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