[Snort-users] MSSQL, linux, odbc

Ryan Potts RSPotts at ...10713...
Tue Dec 9 14:01:04 EST 2003

I get this error on my test machine (running linux) when I try to
connect it via odbc to a mssql server:

snort: database: Problem obtaining SENSOR ID (sid) from snort->sensor 

snort: FATAL ERROR:   When this plugin starts, a SELECT query is run to
find the sensor id for the  currently running sensor. If the sensor id
is not found, the plugin will run an INSERT query to insert the proper
data and generate a new sensor id. Then a SELECT query is run to get the
newly allocated sensor id. If that fails then this error message is
generated.   Some possible causes for this error are:   * the user does
not have proper INSERT or SELECT privileges   * the sensor table does
not exist   If you are _absolutely_ certain that you have the proper
privileges set and that your database structure is built properly please
let me know if you continue to get this error. You can contact me at
(roman at ...438...).

I've tested the connection and it works fine. The snort user has
permissions to do what it wants to the database. 

It looks like it's probably got a simple fix, but I've been staring at
this all day, so I may be missing it.


Ryan Potts
PC Support Analyst
IT Dept.
UNM Hospitals
rspotts at ...10713...

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