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Adam -

On my win32 installation this is what worked to avoid any logging files at
all: In my snort.conf these two output commands:

output database: alert, mssql, dbname=snort user=*** password=*** host=***
output log_null

and command line

snort -c c:\snort\etc\snort.conf -l c:\snort\log

The -l is required and the c:\snort\log directory must exist, but it is

The output log_null is the non-obvious part (to me at least).

Ed Callahan
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Is the -l (that's an L) parameter required?  I log to a db so I don't want
to log to disk but for some reason, whether I use the -l parameter or not,
Snort is "detecting" my previously specified log directory and writing to
disk.  My disk isn't very big so I can't afford to log to disk.  I have no
output options logging locally.  Just 1 line in snort.conf for output:

output database: alert, mysql, user=zzz password=zzz dbname=zzz host=zzz

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