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Check out the "find" command.  It's usually something like:

find DIRNAME -atime +x -exec rm {} \;

DIRNAME is the starting directory.  This find command will traverse the
tree downward.  For experimentation, I'd replace the "rm" command with
the "ls" command so that you can obtain a list of what objects this
command grabs.  "atime is access time.  + is "this many or more", x is
units measured in days.

>>> <adam_peterson at ...10608...> 12/09/03 11:07AM >>>
I see your point.  I'll have to think about it because I do backup the
every night but I run the risk of missing an attack like the slammer
if I can't write to the db.

My next question is, how do I manage those files?  I don't know of a
way to remove aged files as there is in the db with ACID.  Does anyone

know of a command in Solaris that would allow me to delete files and a

directory structure if they're older than x hours/days?

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>You just placed all your marbles into one pot. If you loose your
>you loose it all. At least with the log you could populate the
>it got corrupted,
>I don't suggest anyone do this, especially in a production
>you don't have enough room for the log file, then get a few more megs
>storage space.
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