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You just placed all your marbles into one pot. If you loose your database
you loose it all. At least with the log you could populate the database if
it got corrupted,


I don't suggest anyone do this, especially in a production environment. If
you don't have enough room for the log file, then get a few more megs of
storage space.

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I used -N as suggested and it solved my problem.  The only files created are
a 0 byte scan.log and a portscan.log that's > 0 bytes which I can deal with.
I think that's because the portscan preprocessor has to log to a file for

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At 10:27 PM 8/12/2003 +0100, Dirk Geschke wrote:

> > afford to log to disk.  I have no output options logging locally.
> > Just 1 line in snort.conf for output:
> >
> > output database: alert, mysql, user=zzz password=zzz dbname=zzz
> > host=zzz sensor_name=zzz
>I guess all you need is the option "-N". You still need a log
>directory for snort but it won't be used. But all alerts will
>be send to the database via the output plugin.

Hrrmm.. I use -N and -l (that's L) with unified output, and i still get 
logs to the 'alert' file.

I haven't looked into it, but it always had me wondering why?



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