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K Kerberos:

Be sure that the MySQL database has an appropiate user with select and insert privileges for the new sensor.
Follow Michael Steele´s guide on adding a W2K remote sensor:


-do it item by item, and you won´t fail, it´s quite a good reference-.

Good luck.

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Hello all,

I have Snort 2.0.4 running on a single windows 2000 machine, with a local
MySQL database and using ACID to display the results. Everything is working
great. Now, I'm trying to add an additional sensor to my configuration.

On the remote machine, I have installed Snort, configured it to run as a
Win2k Service, edited my Snort.conf file, and used the existing MySQL
database as the "ouput plugin". However, when I attempt to connect to the
remote database, I get an error, saying

" E♦Host '198.1.xxx.xxx' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL

Connection to host lost."

On the remote machine running MySQL, I have ensured that the 'My.ini" file
"bind-address" is commented out, and I have checked the Snort /Service
/Install Parameters to ensure that they are correct...

Any suggestions?


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