[Snort-users] Slightly OT: high speed packet generation

Jim Brown jpb at ...10281...
Wed Dec 3 18:16:01 EST 2003

* Nordwall, Douglas J <Nordwall at ...10143...> [2003-12-03 11:53]:
> I'm curious to know what other people on the list use for internal
> testing for high speed packet generation. I'm not interested in single
> packet generation, but rather testing performance of an IDS. I've seen a
> few like http_load (specifically http traffic), pacgen, packETH, and
> packet excalibur, but no experience with which ones are suitable for
> high speed generation. My definition of high speed is in excess of
> 100Mb/s, and preferably (depending on hardware, of course) get upwards
> of a gigabit/s.
> What might even be more interesting is some sort of session emulation,
> where you provide a list of ips, and the tool runs through a battery of
> connections (web, ssh, etc) as if a real user was on the other end.

For Gb wire speed you will need hardware assist.  SmartBits (Spirent)
can do what you want.  

Check your local reseller for pricing or see www.spirentcom.com.

I have no affiliation or connection to Spirent.

Best Regards,

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