[Snort-users] MYSQL Error on Windows XP snort install

Tim tim0707 at ...5068...
Tue Dec 2 20:34:02 EST 2003

I followed the guides listed on your website and I'm still having the same
error.  I'm not running a master/slave setup.  I'm running snort and mysql
all on the same Windows XP Pro box.  I performed the same setup on a red hat
8.0 box using almost the same procedure, and it works great.  Could it be
that the mysql build for windows is different than the build for linux which
is causing the syntax error?  Maybe a plugin for windows that we're missing?
Maybe run an older version of mysql for windows?  or maybe just give up on
the windows load and stick with linux.... : )  Thanks

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> Watch cloning them unless you change SID. You'll run into problems if they
> are on the same network.
> Looks like some of this message went private so it looks very strange.
> I'm taking it that you are logging from a Master sensor to a Slave sensor
> all on the same network.
> Did you follow the guide for a Master sensor on the WINSNORT.com site?
> Did you follow the guide for a Slave sensor on the WINSNORT.com site?
> What sanity checks have you preformed to make sure that connectivity is
> there between the master and slave?
> Do you have working slaves on the Master but one or more fails after a
> installation?
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