[Snort-users] postgresql backend

John Creegan jcreegan at ...9729...
Tue Dec 2 13:33:02 EST 2003

If you want mysql, I would start by dumping all the postgres references,
but by your subject line you really do want postgres.  The configure
options you used are referencing both.

I used MySQL, and thus the command:
	"./configure --with-mysql"

This works if mysql is installed in the standard directories (as from a
precompiled binary or from source without an alternate installation
directory specified).

There's another argument to the configure script to specify where MySQL
is if in a nonstandard location... but regrettably I can't remember what
it is, though I *think* it's --with-mysql-dir=DIR, where DIR is the full
path to the MYSQL installation dir.

If you really do want postgres, replace "mysql" with "postgres"

>>> Nicholas Bernstein <nick at ...10668...> 12/02/03 03:10PM >>>
I'm trying to compile snort with support for a mysql backend, but am
having problems getting it to work. I've tried several different
incarnations of the ./configure based on 
	"./configure --with-postgresql --with-mysql"
	"./configure --with-postgresql=/usr/include/pgsql --with-mysql"
	"./configure --with-postgresql=/var/lib/pgsql --with-mysql"

I looked through the user manual, went through google results, and
searched the mailing list archives for '--with-postgresql'. I'm pretty
sure that this is a fairly common setup and was hoping someone could
point out what I'm doing wrong. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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