[Snort-users] Problem with compiling snort

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When you just do a build of the Snort source code (by using the make
utility), it installs everything under /usr/local.  Things won't be broken
out into the Redhat directory structure you describe when you do that unless
you start passing further options to the configure script to set that up.
When you make an RPM file those options are set for you automatically.
I ran into the same problem you describe, and it's really easy to fix. If
you change to the directory /usr/sbin and list all of the snort files (ls
-alF snort*) you'll see two different copies of the Snort binary,
snort-mysql and snort-plain.  snort is a symlink to snort-plain, by default.
Change what the symlink points to: rm -f /usr/sbin/snort ; ln -s
/usr/sbin/snort-mysql /usr/sbin/snort and try it again.  That's what I had
to do when I was building RPMs.
By the way - great job on that.  It's made rolling Snort out on multiple
systems much, much easier.

Eric Grejda

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during the configure option it shows me that mysql support is ok. When i am
done, there is nothing. No /etc/snort, no subsys/snort, no var/log/snort and
no /usr/sbin/snort. There is really nothing. When i make a rpm of the tar
file it is working, but i can´t use it with mysql. After rpmbuild i got 2
Pakages snort and snort-mysql. I installed both but every time i restart
snort it tells me that it can´t shut down the service. In the message log 
snort: database: 'mysql' support is not compiled into this build of snort
What does that error came from ? How to fix it. I tried to compile manually,
but it is not working. My mysql server it up and running very well. Snort db
and tables are created via the snort_db_install_script.

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