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Try tcpreplay. You can replay full pcap files back on to a network. It is
pretty fast but it depends on the speed of your hardware. I have used it in
the past for IDS benchmarking and was very impressed.


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I'm curious to know what everyone else uses for high speed packet 
generation. I'm not so much interested in single packets, but rather, 
something that can generate a lot of traffic. Noise is irrelevant, as I'm 
an looking to do IDS testing. I've looked a little at a few on freshmeat 
(packETH, pacgen, http_load) but have no experience with any of them. By 
high speed, I mean something that'll push 100Mb/s, and (hardware allowing) 

Ideally, it would be nice to have something that emulated sessions between 
a couple of ip addresses, but I'll take a variety of packet generation.

Douglas J Nordwall	http://rex.nmhu.edu/~musashi	
System Administrator	Pacific Northwest National Labs

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