[Snort-users] SnortCenter and SnortSam

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Mon Dec 1 10:41:02 EST 2003


I have 2 Firewalls in my Network and i use snortcenter to manage its. I have 
the snortsam installed in my firewalls and in my snort's agents.
My problem is because i created, in snortcenter, one variable called 
FIREWALLS that receives the IP's of the my 2 firewalls, to become more 
simple the task of the Snortsam. After, i created one output plugin for the 
snortsam, by snortcenter too. However it doesn't work properly, but when i 
define the output plugin just for one of the IP's, without use of the 
variable FIREWALLS, the aplication works properly.

Does anybody know why it is happening?


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