[Snort-users] Database tools?

Brian Gregorcy bgregor at ...9225...
Wed Aug 27 04:38:06 EDT 2003

Hi Marc,

I use phpmyadmin here is a link:


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Curious, what do y'all use for managing the MYSQL database, beside the http
frontend (ACID, DEMARC)? Today I had a few machines who got infected (still)
from the MSBLASTER.D, and of course it over loaded my db, cranking 600K
in 45 mins. And if you use ACID, you know how hard and how long it takes to
delete tha many alerts.

Also, I wonder if there is a wayt to simply have a threshold for alerts, so
if I
want to only be alerted on the first 10 of the same 100000 alerts. Thanks.


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