[Snort-users] Session statistics

John Creegan jcreegan at ...9729...
Thu Aug 21 17:02:13 EDT 2003

After staying late last night to find out who on my network had been hit
with SoBig, I decided I needed a little bit of network analysis

I found the offending PC rapidly once I started snort with session
statistics in machine format.  A few greps, slices and sorts later I had
the beginnings of a network usage tool.

I've searched the mail list archives and the snort website looking for
the tool I need, and have not yet found it.  Before I go off and create
this tool, I'd like to know if there already is a tool which can take
advantage of the session.log data to tell me:
     1. Who the top talkers are
     2. Where the hotspots on the network are.

If not, I'm thinking about creating a table in the snort database and
then writing a bit of Perl to populate the table with the session stats.
 I might then either write some php pages to add into ACID or write
stored procedures or even more Perl to do a bit of analysis. 
Ultimately, I'd rather add the capability to ACID.

Anyone know of a way I can do this with existing tools?

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