[Snort-users] returning! TCP..

cc cc at ...9707...
Thu Aug 21 16:42:12 EDT 2003


Recently, I've noticed that one of my snort'ing machines
is dumping to the stdout the following line:

returning!  TCP (2) IP (0) UDP (0)

Now, I've read from a previous thread that Mark that
the current snort.conf setup might be too CPU intensive.

I found that part of the code within detect.c, and
read the comment that by setting "config checksum_mode: none",
these lines would disappear(?).

Can someone point out the reason for these lines being dumped
to stdout?  I don't have any spp_portscan2/spp_conversation
lines set in the conf file.   Since this is a Celeron 1.7G
w/ 256MB RAM, I doubt the cpu can be beaten to the ground
by the aforementioned preprocessors?

Any clarifications appreciated, thanks!

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