[Snort-users] Barnyard output

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Tue Aug 5 14:46:17 EDT 2003

its suppose to give you what you want it to give you :-)

i dont get why people dont understand what barnyard is/does ...

here is my own brief explanation (feel free to correct):

* snort -> unified output (this is binary logging format)

* unified output -> barnyard -> whatever you would like (cvs, tcpdump, mysql, xml, pdf, word, etc - whatever is currently available)

so rather than making snort do the 'whatever you want' process, you let barnyard do it. 

and then there is you, the farmer, controlling the pigs (sensors) and cleaning out the barn :-) 

- jon

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  I am trying to figured out exactly what I can gain from installing barnyard. Would anyboby be willing to either send me a peace of a barnyard log or a screen shot to take a look at? You can sanitize any info you don't want me to see, I would just like to see a real example of what it gives you.



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