[Snort-users] Email for Michael Steele - Please redirect - Read Inside

Michael Steele mes at ...9057...
Wed Apr 30 15:44:07 EDT 2003


I do apologize for any confusion that this note may bring. Because of
certain ethical responsibilities to the company (Silicon Defense) I am
unable to go into detail about anything that maybe happening. Any other
information should come from the President of the company.

As of 4/28/03 I was instructed not to return to work. My official status is
'Laid Off' and I'm only divulging this information because there is a chance
that my email account could be cut.

I'm still generating a lot of email for support of my Window documentation
through the 'michaels at ...155...' account. I do feel an obligation
to provide any help that I can, not for just my documentation, but whatever
I can contribute to Snort.

Please send all email through my own private email address
'michaels at ...9077...'.

It would be MUCH appreciated if we could not go into speculation on this
until there is an official release from the President of the company.

Thanks to all...


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