[Snort-users] Snort 2.0 changes?

Demetri Mouratis dmourati at ...3877...
Wed Apr 30 10:50:06 EDT 2003

On 30 Apr 2003, Joseph Gresham wrote:

> Does anyone have experience or otherwise know if there were major
> changes to the DB schema/output plugin in 2.0?  The reason I ask is that
> I want to upgrade to 2.0 to get rid of the stream4 bug, but I dont want
> to lose support for ACID and Snortcenter.


I upgraded to 2.0 on my Linux snort box logging to PostgreSQL without a
hitch.  Well, I had to delete some deprecated config options from
snort.conf and one or two rules but that was it.

Demetri Mouratis
dmourati at ...3878...

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