[Snort-users] Role of snort.conf regarding rules? (noob)

Erek Adams erek at ...950...
Wed Apr 30 07:54:03 EDT 2003

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, stormshadow wrote:

> >From what I've read on the faqs, all the rule sets for IDS mode have to
> be made in the snort.conf file?  Is this how many of you are running
> snort?
> Hence the example in the FAQs:
> "./snort -d -h -l ./log -c snort.conf
> Where snort.conf is the name of your rules file. This will apply the
> rules set in the snort.conf file to each packet to decide if an action
> based upon the rule type in the file should be taken."
> So does this mean any rules should be made directly in the snort.conf
> file? (adding/editing rules etc). Or, can the "snort.conf"  be
> substituted with any rule set you have?
>  (EX: snort -d log -c rule_file_here)
> I guess I'm confused on what role snort.conf plays in rules.
> What exactly should be done to the snort.conf?

Go look at the file.  It's included as <snortdir>/etc/snort.conf.

You can see from the file that you use a part of the snort.conf for
configuration of snort for your network.  Another contains preprocessors
that you want.  Another contains output plugins, and a final contains the
rules that you want to load and run.

Check the second chapter of the manual.  That entire chapter covers each
bit and part of the snort.conf file.


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