[Snort-users] snort 2.0.0 under visual C++

Ronan Horgan ronanhorgan at ...8436...
Wed Apr 30 05:59:18 EDT 2003


I am trying to get snort 2.0.0 running under windows 2000, its part of a project
i am doing (which is due next week). I already have snort 1.9.1 running under
windows 2000 but i have simply run it through dos using the config files and
acid / mysql etc. But now i need to compile / run snort using visual C++ (because
i need to add plugins), is running it through a program like visual C++ the
only way to add a plugin??
I am attaching a word dcument which shows what is happening when i open the
snort 2.0.0 workspace. Im getting the message "you need to tell me to do something"
,press any key to continue.
I hope to get this working soon but really need to find out what i need to do
to compile / run it under V c++.

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