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> Well maybe for the web-iis.rules - but your question really leads on to the
> more general question of "I have extensive knowledge of my network, and want
> to make snort only apply the right tests to the right hosts". The only way
> to do that is by you hand-crafting it (or a tool to "learn" the network and
> craft the rules to match - hmmmmm....) Some of the commercial IDS's do that.
> Something like parsing the output of a Nessus scan and creating IIS_SERVERS,
> APACHE_SERVERS, NFS_SERVERS, etc from that could be quite doable...

Lucid Security's ipANGEL (commercial product) does *exactly* that--reads a
Check Point FW-1 policy, does a Nessus vuln. scan targeted for hosts and
services in the policy, then tunes the Snort rules accordingly.


(I'm not associated with them, but I have friends that work there.)

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