[Snort-users] XML output support for snort 2.0

David Stubblefield dstubblefield at ...7643...
Tue Apr 29 06:23:02 EDT 2003

I am currently running snort 1.9.1 on RH8 using the following XML output Plugin:
output xml: log, file=/apps/snort/var/log/snortxml-eth0 encoding=hex

I am working on upgrade to 2.0 ASAP but have run into a problem in testing it.  I get an error FATAL ERROR: unknown 
output plugin: 'xml'. 
A co-worker had mentioned that apparently xml support has been discontinued due to slow performance in snort 2.0.  Is xml output no longer supported in snort 2.0?  If not are there any ideas on suggestions on how I could get it to work or any other suggestions.  In our environment we use xml imports for a variety of network monitoring systems and would like to remain consistent.  I have done some archive searches and not had any luck in finding answers.  Any and all assistance is appreciated.

David Stubblefield
NOC Associate
901 Sneath Lane, Suite 210
San Bruno, CA. 94066

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