[Snort-users] New to Snort

Yijia_Zhou at ...9064... Yijia_Zhou at ...9064...
Tue Apr 29 05:20:24 EDT 2003

Hi, Snorters,

I am kind to new to snort. I have just installed snort, ACID, snort center, PHP
and mysql, etc. Seems like the snort center is able to manage the censor
successfully from the GUI and push the policy over,
However when I checked the acid view, I could not see any alarm at all. Even
though I use nessus to do pent test, still no alarm.

Can somebody give me some idea of how to investigate where can possibly go

To be more specific, the censor ver 2.0  is running on Solaris 8, and Acid and
SnortCenter is running on Linux 7.3.

Thank in advance.


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