[Snort-users] what does this command do?

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Mon Apr 28 05:36:02 EDT 2003

In summary:  

  -v : Print out TCP/IP (TCP/UDP/ICMP) headers to the console (i.e., sniffer
mode) -- nothing else  
  -d : Display application (i.e., packet) data too  
  -c : Enable NIDS mode using options specified in "full path"/snort.conf  

It's the '-c' command tells Snort to use the configuration options specified
in snort.conf, including any .rules referenced in the file.  

IMHO, '-v' really slows things down (i.e., output to the console).  You may
want to try the '-l /somepath/logs' option.


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snort -dvc /root/snort_dir_here/etc/snort.conf

also, how can I utilize the rules snort comes bundled with in the snort 
directory? What command should I give?

thanks guys

sorry i mailed this to snort rules as well. I should of sent it here in 
the first place.

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