[Snort-users] setting up a mirroring port at switch

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Sat Apr 26 06:01:04 EDT 2003

It would help to know which type of switch you have.  On some of the larger
cisco switches you need to type the command "set span <src_prt> <dst_prt>".
On some of the smaller cisco switches you have to 1) configure the terminal
[config t], 2)select the destination interface [interface fa0/48], 3) select
the source interface to be monitored [port mirror fa0/12], 4) Ctrl-Z.

NOTE:  All this is done after you have entered the exec priv mode.
DISCLAIMER: The syntax for the smaller cisco switch may be off on step three
so type "port mirr" and press the tab key for auto-completion.

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> hi all,
> I am testing snort in a machine which is connected to
> a star topology LAN.My m/c is an end m/c ,to which all
> the network traffic will not be redirected...I want my
> snort to test all the traffic.I dont want to test it
> on firewall m/c as it'll be similar as my nsort is
> running outside the firewall..resulting in unwanted
> alerts..
> I wanted to setup a mirroring port..How to set it up?
> so that all traffic comes to my m/c..Do anybody have a
> procedure to setup mirroring port at the switch level.
>  plz help me..
>                   thank you
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