[Snort-users] is there a 2.0 build that is mysql compatible

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Fri Apr 25 17:07:29 EDT 2003

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> Subject: [Snort-users] is there a 2.0 build that is mysql compatible
> database: compiled support for ( )

This binary is NOT compiled to use MySQL.  If it was, it would say something
	database: compiled support for ( mysql )

> i obtained this as an rpm for the linux 8 box i'm running.  it is version
> 2.0.0 (build 72).

Try 'rpm -ql snort{version info}' or 'rpm -ql {path to snort RPM}' to get a
list of files installed by the RPM.  Look for snort-mysql, which is a command
name for a Snort binary compiled for MySQL support.  If one is installed use
that or create a symlink.  Where did you get the RPM?

You can also try [0] which I think that Snort RPM has MySQL, PostGres and
other stuff.  YMMV.

Or you can download the tarball, untar it, read the INSTALL doc and follow the
instructions which are pretty simple.

> thoughts?  ideas?  beer?

Sure, why not? :-)

Anyone have a clue why Snort.org has not posted "official" RPMs yet?  I'm no
RPM guru but I've build a few and it seems like a) if you already have a SPEC
file and b) you understand the build process, tweaking the SPEC and doing "rpm
-ba snort.spec"  isn't that hard.  Just trying to understand, not trying to
sound ungrateful, since I think Snort is great and I appreciate that the
SourceFire (and other) folks have other priorities.


[0] http://www.spenneberg.org/IDS/RedHat-80/

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