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On Friday 25 April 2003 02:03, mikem at ...9008... wrote:
> Although I agree that obfuscating email addresses in a manner
> that confuses bots but still allows humans to read them would be
> beneficial, I've found that spamassassin does wonders for
> weeding out the loads of spam I get every day.
> On Thu, 24 Apr 2003 bmcdowell at ...7861... wrote:
> > I've noticed that by doing a google search for my own e-mail
> > address, it only appears on web-archives of these two mailing
> > lists.  Could you respective Admins please take steps to
> > obfuscate the actual e-mail addresses before posting them to
> > the web?  As I understand it, 'bare' e-mail addresses on web
> > pages are big targets for spammers.  I enjoy participating in
> > these lists, however I have notices that my inbound spam has
> > tripled since I joined them.
> >
> > If it can't be fixed, I can respect that.  But it can, you'd
> > probably be doing your user-base a huge favor.
I would agree that using spamassassin is a good way to filter spam 
mails on a local workstation but you may concern that this will 
not be a suitable way to stop spammers from digging for email 
adresses in such 'nonobfuscated' archives.
So if Bob will ask the owner of these archives to take care of 
obfuscating their archives he could need some assistance from the 
snort-users-list maintainer. 
May be it will be a good idea to 'flood' such archive maintainers 
with emails from snort-list subscribers. Ouuch, that might be be 
spam too, wouldn't it. :-))


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