[Snort-users] Problem logging to postgres

Roger D. Vargas roger at ...8999...
Fri Apr 25 08:44:53 EDT 2003

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Hutchinson, Andrew wrote:

> A couple add'l things to check:
> 1> Look at the logs that the pgsql server is generating, and see if it's 
throwing any messages.   

That was my first idea, but cant find any log or a way to enable server to 
log access.

> 2> If you're logging remotely (the db is not on the same server as the 
sensor) you'll need to make certain that you have permissions to access 
the database from the remote machine.  Postgres permissions are kept in 
the pg_hba.conf file, which will be in the root of your database cluster 
(usually where you have $PGDATA pointed to...).     > 
Snort and postgres/mysql runs in the same server (I only have one) and the 
correct host line is in pg_hba.conf. Anyway, I cant get logs in databases, 
no matter what sql server i use.

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