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I think that you can upgrade the answer in the faq with logsurfer.


This is a very nice free product that DOES NOT REQUIRE perl and this is a 
great advantage when you are "short" in CPU/memory ...

Cheers ! Prosit ! a votre santé ! 

Patrice ARNAL

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At 10:23 AM 4/22/2003 -0400, Mario Karcevski wrote:

>What would be easiest way to set snort for alerting on Linux / Windows 
>to email those alerts.
>Opinion and link to good article will be appreciated.

This question is a part of the snort FAQ:

5.7 --faq-- --snort-- --faq-- --snort-- --faq-- --snort-- --faq--

Q: How do I get snort to e-mail me alerts?

A: Log to syslog and use swatch or logcheck.

You can look up swatch here:

As per http://www.theadamsfamily.net/~erek/snort/drinking_game.txt the 
original question is a 5 drink post when playing snort-users drinking 

Take one drink if.....
         The question is answered in the FAQ.
         The reply is "It's in the FAQ"
Take three drinks if.....
         "Can snort email me alerts?"

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