[Snort-users] OT - Spam

bmcdowell at ...7861... bmcdowell at ...7861...
Thu Apr 24 15:46:01 EDT 2003

I've noticed that by doing a google search for my own e-mail address, it only appears on web-archives of these two mailing lists.  Could you respective Admins please take steps to obfuscate the actual e-mail addresses before posting them to the web?  As I understand it, 'bare' e-mail addresses on web pages are big targets for spammers.  I enjoy participating in these lists, however I have notices that my inbound spam has tripled since I joined them.

If it can't be fixed, I can respect that.  But it can, you'd probably be doing your user-base a huge favor.


Bob McDowell
IS Specialist
Cox HealthPlans, LLC

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