[Snort-users] chroot problems with Red Hat Advanced server

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Wed Apr 23 14:40:16 EDT 2003

Sorry for replying back to my same post (is that another drink?  ;-), but I
forgot to mention one important thing...  

This system is currently running snort 1.9.1 with the same configuration I
described below.  The chrooting works just fine with that version of snort.

Yes, I've googled/read the FAQ/searched the archives/been running snort
successfully for 3 years....

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Hi all,

I'm having some problems getting snort 2.0 to chroot when running on Red Hat
AS.  Here's the rundown of my setup:

- snort-2.0.0 compiled from source with the --with-mysql switch
- Linux kernel 2.4.9-e.16
- snort command line: /home/snort/bin/snort -debo -c etc/snort.conf -u snort
-g snort -t /home/snort -l log
- /home/snort has the following subdirs: bin, etc, log, tmp, scripts

When I try to start snort with the above command, I get the following error:
	ERROR: log directory 'log' does not exist
	Fatal Error, Quitting..

If I exclude the "-l log" switch, the error turns to:
	Running in IDS mode
	Log directory = /var/log/snort
	[!] ERROR: Can not get write access to logging directory
	(directory doesn't exist or permissions are set incorrectly
	or it is not a directory at all)

	Fatal Error, Quitting..

I ran the snort command line with strace (file attached) and it didn't show
any calls to chroot(), so it doesn't even look like snort is *trying* to
chroot itself...  :(

I've run this setup successfully on a RH 7.3 box with the same command line
and that worked fine.

Any ideas?


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