[Snort-users] home_net and ext_net question

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Wed Apr 23 14:12:06 EDT 2003

Having HOME_NET encapsulate two or more networks can do funny things to the
Snort rules when one simply negates EXTERNAL_NET (i.e., var EXTERNAL_NET
!$HOME_NET, or some variant).  

So, to avoid unwanted alerts/logs, you're probably going to have to modify
your rules to be more specific than EXTERNAL_NET -> HOME_NET.  

- Christopher

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Right now here are my two vars.

var HOME_NET [,]
var EXTERNAL_NET [,] (i have also tried just any)

This is an example of what I want to stop snort from logging.

snmp connections from ->

i also get cgi-redirect snort logs from desktops in the 66 class C range.
Is there a way to stop logging when connecting to other internal servers.


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