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Wed Apr 23 08:11:37 EDT 2003

"Rajagopal, Sriram(TSD)" <Sriram_Rajagopal at ...8973...> wrote asking:

>can anyone let me know where can i get a detailed step by step method for
>upgrading snort version. I need to upgrade from 1.8.6 to snort 2.0

You don't mention what operating system you are using, and that makes a
difference.  For unix, the best instructions are in the INSTALL file that
is part of the tarball provided by snort.org.  The tarball also contains
a PDF copy of the Snort operating manual.  There is a FAQ on the Snort
website which covers the most common problems encountered in getting it
up and running.  I've never tried to run Snort under Windows, and therefore
can't advise you on that case.

Bear in mind that version 2.0.0 is brand-new, and its publication was a
little rushed because of a vulnerability discovered in previous versions.
The documentation for the new version is therefore still being tweaked.
This is bleeding edge stuff.

Upgrading from a previous version of Snort is best accomplished by starting
fresh with a new engine, a new snort.conf file, and the latest version of
the rules files.  There are aspects of older versions of snort.conf and the
rules files which won't work with the new engine.

The Snort website, at ...


... is the best place to start looking for the information you need.  If
you run into problems you can't solve through the documentation, then come
back to the list with them.  Be sure when you do to tell us what platform
you are using, what operating system, compiler, version of Snort, the
versions of any plug-ins you are working with, and *exactly* what error
messages or other aberrant behavior you are seeing.

Best regards,

Neil Dickey, Ph.D.
Research Associate/Sysop
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Northern Illinois University
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