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Tue Apr 22 13:42:17 EDT 2003

sorry.  red hat 8.0.  thanks for the tips.  2.0 shows as beta on the
snort.org web page and i try to avoid beta software.  might i enquire as to
the nature of the vulnerability?


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You didn't mention your OS, but since you have a /var I can
safely suggest quotas to at least make sure /var doesn't hit
%100.  Once you get mysql up you can stop logging to the flat
text.  If you are wondering if there is a method of making a
signature fire once/100 alerts or something like that then I
don't think that exists.

BTW, 1.9.1 has a vulnerability so as long as you're doing a
fresh install you might as well use 2.0.

--- "Allen, Garrett" <Garrett.Allen at ...8966...> wrote:
> heys,
> installed version 1.9.1 (build 231) of the pink beastie.  very
> interesting
> results captured from our network.  pointed to a potential
> issue with xp
> configs.  i'm generating log files, haven't quite got the
> mastery of mysql
> installation yet.  anyways, here's the question:
> the very day i started using snort for real was the day one of
> our wandering
> sales minstrals returns with an ms-sql worm.  it momentarily
> shut down our
> net when he fired up his machine, then went for coffee,
> flooding the network
> with traffic as a worm is want to do.  we were able to quickly
> detect where
> the problem originated from and shut the machine down.  but in
> the meantime
> snort generated enough log files to fill /var.  ouch.  any way
> to slow down
> the volume of log entries?  any other operational tips?
> thanks in advance.
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