[Snort-users] Installing Snort with PHP, MySQL, ACID,etc

Gary and El Byrnes elgaz at ...8940...
Mon Apr 21 07:23:31 EDT 2003

Hi Everybody

I hope someone can help me with my problem. I want to install Snort on RedHat 9.0. I have installed zlib, libpcap, mysql 4., apache 1.3. All these things work. 

Next thing I am supposed to install PHP. When I run ./configure --prefix=/www --activate-module=src/modules/php4/libphp4.a
I get error messages at the end with php modules. I check the src/modules/php4/ and there is no libphp4.a file in it.

When I try to run a php webpage as a test I get a Not Found error.Obviously php isn't running.

I have re-run the installation from scratch several times by now, and it is still the same.

Is this something to do with RedHat 9.0? I didn't have this problem on 8.0. Is there any way to fix this without going back to 8.0.

Thanks very much in advance.


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