[Snort-users] Snort 2.0 dropping packets

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Sun Apr 20 00:27:03 EDT 2003

Hi Snorters,

I have three sensors in my network.1st sensor is also
the manager and runs on a AMD Athlon and 256MB RAM.
2nd sensor is on a Celeron 466Mhz with 192MB RAM
machine and the 3rd on a Pentium II and 128MB RAM.

For testing purposes I ran all three sensors in the
same network with same configuration.I found that all
my three sensors were dropping some packets. There
were unique alerts by one sensor which were missed by
the other two and vica versa.

I'm running these on a HUB based network at 10MBPS and
we are going to shift onto Switches within few days.

Now my problem is what shall I do to avoid this packet
loss as it is going to drop more packets on a switch

I have heard of barnyard but never used it, can
somebody enlighten me on this.

How do you implement and tackle these issues in your
high speed networks.

It will be great if snort champions of this mailing
list can enlighten us all with some *best Practices*
and any caveats.


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