[Snort-users] Pass rule not passing preprocessors

Always Bishan bishan4u at ...1396...
Sun Apr 20 00:21:07 EDT 2003

Hi Snorters,

I wrote a pass rule which will pass anything coming
from one machine.
pass tcp -> any any
pass icmp -> any any
pass udp -> any any

now I run nessus scanner from, after the
scan when I viewed the alerts from my ACID.
It still gave me alerts coming from preprocessors like
spp_stream4 and spp_bo. But the alerts in the rule
file didn't come up which use to come up when there
was no pass rule for

Now by writing this pass rule I'm able to avoid any
alerts from my rules directory, but preprocessors are
still generating alerts. 

Is there anyway to avoid this?


*Note: I did use -o option at snort start up

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