[Snort-users] SNMP plugin removed from Snort + stream4 patch for 1.9.1

Martin Roesch roesch at ...1935...
Fri Apr 18 06:58:11 EDT 2003

We will put the plugin up on snort.org in the contrib section in the near

I'm going to do a patch for 1.9.1 to address the overflow, but people should
really move up to 2.0.0 as soon as possible, there are a lot of good reasons
to do so.  (the snmp output plugin should be able to plugin to 2.0 if


On 4/17/03 6:56 AM, "Martin Olsson" <elof at ...6680...> wrote:

> On 15 Apr 2003, Jose Vicente Nunez Z wrote:
>> Does anyone know if this plugin will be included again?. We started
>> using this plugin with Snort 1.8 (and we keep using it) with Snort 1.9
>> (for us is very useful because we integrated Snort with an NMS that
>> receives SNMP traps).
> We use the snmp-output-plugin with a NMS too, so we hope the snmp-support
> will be added again soon.
> If this support is NOT to be added soon, it would be greatly appreciated
> if the developers told us so ASAP.
> Meanwhile it would be very nice if the developers could create a
> 1.9.1-patch for the buffer overflow in the stream4-plugin, so we who use
> snort with snmp can continue to use it without having to upgrade to v2.0.
> Regards,
> Martin

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