[Snort-users] Users and Groups for Snort rules - files

Kit Massengill KitM at ...8919...
Thu Apr 17 14:30:13 EDT 2003


Again, you folks are great.

Now....speaking of 2.0 rules....I copied the 2.0 rules into the area where I
had the 1.9 rules - over the old rules.  
Now, the rules all have as the "User" 1106 and the "Group" as 2001 - all the
other files in the directory (*.map, *.config, etc.) have as "User"  1006
and as "Group" 1006 - the same designations as all of them had when I first
installed Snort 1.9......
is all this cool, or do I need to "fix" this.

Kit Massengill
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