[Snort-users] Two items that are hard to digest...

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Thu Apr 17 10:31:23 EDT 2003

As a public clarification, this post was not intended to be an attack on 
Michael Steele or silicon defense, merely critical of the practice of 
exchanging a lot of critical email over something that can be fixed with a 
short and quickly developed patch. (something Michael clarified already 

I apologize for any misinterpretations my post may have lead people to make.

Of course, with all the effort you've put into complaining about it, you 
could have fixed the issue, and politely offered a patch to the developers.

And yes, I could have done so as well, but I have no commercial interest in 
the workability of the win32 port.

At 09:37 AM 4/17/2003 -0700, Michael Steele wrote:
>Well, it's certainly confusing, and definitely needs to be fixed as this is
>the so called Release version that, I'm assuming, will be around while 2.0
>continues its beta stage. Apparently if it's compiled under Windows it has a
>different version number then when its compiled under UNIX.

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