[Snort-users] Two items that are hard to digest...

Chris Reid Chris.Reid at ...2817...
Thu Apr 17 10:19:10 EDT 2003

Okay, I believe the *nix version "2.0.0" versus Win32 version "2.0.0rc5" has
been bantered back and forth sufficiently for this mailing list.  I would
like to end the discussion with the following summary of the cause.

The problem is:  these two version definitions are defined in two different
places.  "configure.in" for *nix, and the non-autogenerated "config.h" for
Win32.  The static Win32 config.h file never got updated in the tarball, so
any person who downloads the official final 2.0.0 tarball from the snort.org
website, compiles it, and then runs it will see version "2.0.0rc5", even
though in fact they are running the official "2.0.0" version.

Since this became apparent, I have tried to put measures in place to ensure
this failure to synchronize these two versions does not happen again in the

Nothing beneficial is gained by degrading the discussion down to a religious
"my-platform-is-better-than-yours-is" flame war.  I'm going to assume that
everybody knows this, and that we're all smart enough not to be baited into

So, I suggest we all walk away from this thread now...

Chris Reid

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