[Snort-users] Configure Error in snort 2.0.0

Neil Dickey neil at ...1633...
Thu Apr 17 10:17:23 EDT 2003

David Alonso De La Vega Tapage <delavegad at ...7768...> wrote asking:

>I try to upgrade my snort sistem ..  to 2.0.0  but  when
>./configure --with-mysql
[ ... ]
>configure error no aceptable compiler found in $PATH ..
>What does that mean .. ?

It means that either you don't have an acceptable C compiler on your
system, or that if one exists you don't have the path to it included
in your $PATH environment variable.  For one of those reasons the
configure script can't find it.

We will need more information in order to help you further, especially
the operating system, its version, and the platform you are using.

Best regards,

Neil Dickey, Ph.D.
Research Associate/Sysop
Geology Department
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois

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