[Snort-users] Snort 2.0

Michael Anderson mca at ...1717...
Thu Apr 17 08:48:29 EDT 2003

Is that a period or a comma after log i.e. "output database: log."?  If 
it's a period, switch it to a comma.


Ma, Kenneth K. wrote:

>Hello, I upgraded my Snort 1.9 to Snort 2.0. with mysql.  I have a
>mysql/ACID database.  Now my 2.0 snort box is not reporting/populating the
>database.  Is there a configuration file that I am missing?  
>In my snort.conf file, the output database file is below
>output database:  log. mysql, user=username password=userpassword dbname=db
>host=dbhost sensor_name=sensor name
>output alert_syslog:  LOG_AUTH LOG_ALERT
>Am I missing something here?  Thank you in advance for your help.
>Kenneth Ma
>System Software Specialist
>Department of Motor Vehicles
>2415 First Ave
>Sacramento, CA  95818
>(916) 657-8198
>kma at ...8911...
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